Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Welcome to the Kiddichef blog!

KiddiChef aims to provide parents with an easy and exciting way to give their children fresh and nutritious meals along with a food education, creating a new, healthy lifestyle and generation.

Currently in the UK, we have the highest rate of obesity in Europe, with 1 in 3 children either overweight or obese by the age of 9.

If lifestyles don't change, then half of the UK population will be obese by 2030 and we will have a generation suffering with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

This is why there is a huge demand for a concept like KiddiChef, as it aims to prevent this statistic becoming a reality by keeping children excited and interested in their food.

KiddiChef creates freshly prepared on-the-day meals for 6 month - 10 years olds using only the freshest ingredients without any additives or preservatives, rather than jarred food with a 12-month shelf life.

The meals, which have been carefully selected by nutrition experts, will change with seasonal vegetables and food themes from around the world.

They will also be the recommended portion sizes for children, as many parents are unaware of how much food they are actually giving to their young children, which plays a key role in their high consumption of food and can lead to obesity.

It can take a child up to ten times to try something new, however with KiddiChef the vitamin-packed fruit and vegetables are hidden in a delicious and convenient meal.

This unique service is ideal for modern, working parents and forward-thinking nurseries that want to provide children with nourishing, natural and nutritious meals - without the time-consuming, hassle and stress.

KiddiChef’s mission is to make mealtime a whole learning experience through tastes, packaging and online learning.

The KiddiChef website includes recipes, activities and educational exercises.

KiddiChef wants to rejuvenate children’s palettes by giving them the best possible foods at an early age.

Exciting partners, including nutritionists, paediatricians and doctors, are coming on board, fitting in well with KiddiChef’s ethos and standards.

KiddiChef’s goal is to be included in the government’s on-going healthy eating plan as both share the same aims and beliefs.

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